Here’s How Our Process Can Help You Rank

Thank you for visiting Vertical Media Labs. We wish to take this opportunity to discuss how we can help you rank, and explain our process.

First, we thoroughly review the discovery form you fill out. It informs us about your business, what is important to you, the marketing you have done thus far, what has worked and what has not. Most importantly, we learn about your goal. Secondly, we perform an in-depth audit of your site and generate a report. We will explain your weak points as well as your strong ones. We then put together a custom strategy that is tailored specifically to your business objectives and market focus. We go over your site audit report as well as the custom strategy over the phone, and ensure that you understand both. We will also discuss expectations such as the frequency with which you will receive email updates from us about the health of your online business, as well as how often we should chat on the phone.

We start with on-page SEO, and then proceed to off-page SEO.  On-page SEO ensures that your entire website, including pages, images and videos, are optimized for the keywords that we together decide that you should rank for.  This includes being optimized for mobile.  Mobile optimization entails making your website AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compliant.  From that point on forward, whenever you add new pages, we will ensure that they are optimized on-page, and if they are the kind of pages that need to be ranked, then we can perform off-page optimization.

We have summarily discussed what on-page optimization consists of, but what is off-page optimization?  Off page optimization is a way of informing Google that you are an important business, and you have important content which people want to find out about.  If we are successful in proving this to Google – and we will be – then you will see your website move up in rankings until it eventually reaches the 1st page.  Off page SEO consists of many things – here are a just few examples – this is by no means an exhaustive list.  First, let me start by mentioning that we encourage every client to have a blog on your main website.  Since you know your business better than anyone else, you should ideally write blog articles yourself.  This opens up additional opportunities for doing off-page SEO – namely, we will cross post your blog article to many web properties.  Then we drive traffic to those web properties, directly to your article, as well as to your website.  Additionally, we will build many social profiles and web 2.0 properties with your business name and drive traffic to these as well.  Your content will be cross posted here.  Lastly, we encourage our clients to produce videos.  Google loves YouTube videos and helps you rank easier than without them.  We will optimize those videos and market them so that they get viewership, comments and likes.

These are just some of the ways that we work in order to ensure that you get to page 1 of Google as quickly as possible.  If you have any additional questions, please either contact us directly or fill out our Discovery form.  We wish you the very best of luck in your business.


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